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My Works in Progress or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kyts Universe: My Shorter Works

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Nothing New... [Mar. 22nd, 2013}|{03:39 pm]
I don't know if I'll be updating this or not as I've a website where I keep stuff when I feel like it. Sorry!
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Insane Lyric 1 [Jun. 22nd, 2011}|{07:38 pm]
[Bloody |complacentSehr wahr!]

Why is it so hard to find the words I want to say?
Why does my sub-conscious kick forward a white wall?
All I want to do is read my own mind.

I have so many questions, but can't read any of them.
I have so many things I want to know but my mind is blank.
All I want is to dive into someone elses brain.

Picking my brain is so boring.
I've picked my brain for far too long.
I've never been good at picking...
someone else's mind.

Very true! Mood: complacent.
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A Song I posted in another forum first. [Jun. 8th, 2010}|{01:27 pm]
[Bloody |bouncybouncy]

A Song...copyright by me if I can get the words right. Otherwise, can I claim I've not seen it in my life? :lol:

Go to school learn the rules.
Stick my head in societies' head.
Converse and Fight.
Try to be polite.
No end in sight, while Bully's take flight.

Test after test of regurgitation.
Can't read my mind because its in consternation.
Not allowed to think, or make up my own mind.
Always trying to defend but end up behind.
No end in sight, I want to take flight.

Seeing is believing, but not while I'm here.
Mind is a mush with life in a rush.
Quietly I bow out, having lost all my clout.
End of my life, as I know it is in sight.
I can't exist in this muck, my life is in a rut.

I start a new life, with hope in sight.
No more consternation, no more shall I take flight.
I hold my head up high, and take to the sky.
I sore with the seagulls, and pray with my might.
A better life shall be, because I've found me.
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New entry in the abyss of time [May. 30th, 2010}|{11:43 am]
[Bloody |confusedconfused]

Why can't I view this journal?
Why is the server not found?
Why is my life such a mess when the only thing I wanted to do was...
Post a simply backup in hyperspace?
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A poem :P [May. 25th, 2010}|{12:16 pm]
[Bloody |bouncybouncy]

Life is hell
So take is well,
or else you'll fall.
Or trip into a wall.

Okay, I just wanted to post something here so that it doesn't appear that this journal has been abandoned, because it hasn't been. I'll probably edit this post later. LOL
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The update... Global Writers Club [May. 4th, 2008}|{04:29 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]
[Bloody |bouncybouncy]

I'm putting this here, because it is a website for writers, and this blog is for my writings I've done.

Global Writers club will have...
1) the top 10 or top 5 links in each category to resources that best help one to write their project, whether it be novel, comic book, lyrics, non-fiction, and so on. These links will include foreign language resources!
a) dictionaries, thesauruses, and more with a priviledged link to the one site that I felt it the most useful for almost all people.
b) generators for whatever word, plot, character and so on, that you need a randomly provided.
c) links to how-to write sites by project type with us eventually writing our own versions that will have the focus on making it more accessible to more people, especially for those people who do not have such resources written in their language. This will be especially true for writing the scripts for screenplays, play, and other productions, as I've yet to find resources in foreign languages in these areas.
d) Publishing resources

2)Games for word geeks of all ages!
a) fill-ins puzzles
b) crossword puzzles for those learning a foreign language (from any of 8 langauges into any of those 8 languages is in future development).
c) memory games
d) sudoku
e) scrambled words
f) Evaporating book (my version of hangman)
g) many more games to come...

What we will not be...
a search engine site! Yuck!
No links in any category will be 'sponsered' links.
Eventually, I will have ads and a sponsered links page.
Sponsered links can also go in the ads section on the sides of pages, or in the ad banner near the top of the page. Never anywheres else. Forums and blogs maybe different. Either ad free, or ads in other places.

Read more...Collapse )
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"Lifes a Party", copyright by Me [May. 4th, 2008}|{04:03 pm]
[Tags|, , ]
[Bloody |contemplativecontemplative]

All you think is party is the life for me.
Get high Get Drunk
Kill your brain cells
Feed addiction

Where is your life?
What are you going to do when your brain is gone?
Its a vicious never ending cycle

You replace emptiness with drinking
I can see black hole filling

See the fight
through out the night
day breaks, "Light," screams the night

Crying, Trying
In and out of consciousness
Can't buy time
Its running out
Heart stops, brain quits
Insides out themselves

Surviving surveillance
Poking, prodding
gurney speeding
Life's draining, bleeding

Blood and guts; surgery beating
Oxygen tubes; coldness blues
Revival survival
Do it all over again
Feed addiction

Brain is naught
Pickled rising
Job is rot
Fired; Bills' due
No job. No school
Life sucks Drugs rule

Brain speeds
Car crashes
Body bleeds
Soul cries
Save Me

Vicious cycle
Hope is nigh

God exists
Salvation sought
Life bought
Time caught

Soul cries
Save me
Vicious cycle

Inspiration for this song:
Other people's lives, events in the news, stories told of actors and stories actors have told of themselves.
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UPDATE: Life in the Fast line on hold [Jan. 11th, 2008}|{05:07 pm]
[Bloody |bouncybouncy]

Starting new website: Universe for Writers.
More info to follow.


Warning! The site is still under construction.
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Lovely New Look [Dec. 24th, 2006}|{05:56 pm]
I love my new look
as finally I have something thats really me.
I love the floating words,
on the universe.
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Life --> Lyrics copyrighted by Me. [Dec. 24th, 2006}|{05:29 pm]
[Bloody |artisticartistic]

Why can't you see the light?
Why do you always fight?
Conforming not.
Brain is rot.

Blame the meds.
Blame the drugs.
Blame the feds.
Spit on the rug.

Blame it on Arch.
Blame it on Psychiatrist.
While you march,
Blame it on the Therapist.

Conforming Not,
But what have you got?
Brain is rot,
As you reach for the cot.

Why not face your life?
Why not break through strife?
Why not take control,
Get your life on a roll?

Blame yourself,
Blame your mind.
Blame your innerself,
While you hide from the grind.

Take your life,
Take the blame.
Deal with strife,
Have no shame.

Conformist Rot.
The real you sought.
Holy life bought.
In sin you're caught.

Find your interests.
Dare to care.
Find your poisoned incest.
Dare to God share.

Take the blame.
Over come Rain.
Get rid of shame.
With God you reign.

Song dedicated to a friend in my life.
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